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We hope to make certain your visit, long or short serves the health needs you have come for.  Whether it is preventative health, health maintenance or possibly acute care of health related problems.  We have gathered a broad spectrum of healthcare options and we hope that with the  feedback from our patients, our customers we will continue to make this site better.  We guarantee it.

Hard to believe as it may be, Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare has had a presence on the World Wide Web since 1997 in the form of a website highlighting and promoting what we do here within the brick and mortar pharmacy.  And until this year, we have made that presence an “in-house” project wrestling with HTML code and the various versions of web publishing software.  It’s been fun, if only to be part of all the excitement of the internet and the explosion of activity of e-commerce and of social interactions, all in this ether we call “the internet”.

That was then, this is now and it was finally time to that our experiences, our expertise, our knowledge and our people to the next level.  If we are going to be serious about serving all our loyal visitors then we needed to partner with those who can make this bit of cyberspace real estate a great place to visit no different than when you visit our brick and mortar location.   We want you to come to us with your health related problems and give us the opportunity to help you.   We’ve become very good at what we do and we think this place, this site will be where you can find that help 24/7, 365 days of the year.  And if you don’t find what you need here we ask that you give us your questions so that we can either share with you answers and/or solutions.   And if you ask us a really challenging question, that’s okay too, as we’re not shy to tell you that we will research your query, so that we can find an intelligent solution for you.

Through your interaction with us, via the Stafford Pharmacy website, we hope you will develop a certain affinity to this address.   For those looking for better solutions to your health related problems,  we hope to offer you something that we think will prove to be invaluable –  OUR KNOWLEDGE, OUR EXPERIENCE – OUR COLLECTIVE EXPERTISE! We think there are many people like you, people who have come to sense, to suspect, to know that there are better ways to look after your health than what you are currently being told.   You have learned that your health is more important than almost anything else in your life.    You can always make more money, you can probably find new friends and you can even regain lost confidence and trust in our healthcare system, but you cannot take your health for granted.

We take the practice of pharmacy very seriously and we think it shows.   There is no doubt that all of us here at Stafford Pharmacy can be described as passionate about this profession, about the care of those who entrust their health to us.  We subscribe to the philosophy that pharmacists are the “medication experts” so we expect our patients to depend on us for such expertise.  Since 1985 people have made us “their pharmacy” and we “their pharmacist”.   People come to us for our knowledge and expect that we will use this knowledge wisely, to ensure that they get the best results from their medications when necessary and yes, even how to avoid drug therapy when it makes sense.

We also know a thing or two about non-drug treatment measures as well as other medicinal products as well.  So, if you are looking for a remedy that might complement a traditional therapy, or maybe an alternative to allopathic medicines (that refers to drugs), we can help you too.  What you will find different however, is that being trained as medical scientists, we give you information that is sound, not just hearsay.   We do encourage people to use homeopathic remedies and plant based medicines and vitamins when it is appropriate.  But we will also tell you when it is wiser to follow a drug therapy or to consult with your physician or dentist or other healthcare provider.   So, expect us to give you the scoop on what is current and if we don’t know the answer, we will find the answer for you.   Because there is far too much information out there to suggest that any one individual or even group of individuals, can have all the answers immediately.  That said, the problem is often not what information can we find, but what information is creditable, accurate, relevant and current.  When answering questions posed, those are certainly some of the criteria we will use to provide answers that can be accepted with confidence.

As our name suggests we are a place for Home Healthcare.   That includes wound care when you need it; for compression therapy if your doctor prescribes it or even as a sound preventative measure using low compression support stockings for those on their feet all day long; ostomy supplies for those who have had life saving surgeries;  incontinence products for short term and longer term care; all manner of sports related products for the serious athlete or the weekend warrior; bringing diagnostic technologies into the home setting and many, many other products designed to allow recovery at home, to improve quality of  life or to simply make some of life’s unfortunate events, a very manageable possibility within the comforts of our home.

Again, welcome to our site.  Please browse and tell us what you think, what we did right, what you want to see, what you would like to know and of course, what you think simply needs some improvement, too.  Send us your e-mails, please.   E-mail is great, because you can ask us your questions when it is convenient for you and we can give you our best answer when we have time through the day.    Finally, if you like what you see please tell your friends and of course come back and visit often.   If you find anything that does not impress, please tell us first, and give us the opportunity to improve your next visit.

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