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The past two years our Blog has focused on a number of topics related to health, to disease, medications, complementary/alternative medicines and more.    This page will give you some of those topic highlights as we rotate through some of them, as well as newer topics that we see has drawn the interest of our online visitors.   There is a growing number of topics that we have discussed over the past two years.   For this reason we have disassembled the Rx Pad into several pages.

Each topic category below will link to the expanded list of topics on the following new pages.  You can also navigate to a topic by using the “bread crumb” navigation on the right hand side menu.

Rx2 Topics

This section is focused on the disease, it’s management and/or treatment.

Rx Center

These are questions of a practical nature.   They discuss topics related to the “how’s” of filling prescriptions, the regulations that affect when a prescription can be filled, it’s life span and similar questions.  As well as explaining terminologies that are often a bit confusing.  Examples are “What to do with your expired medications”; “How to get the most benefit from your pharmacy experience.”: “Are there drug shortages?  Why?”

OTC Spotlight

These are the commonly called “non-prescription” medications.  They are all the cold remedies, the products for pain, first aid creams and ointments – all can be purchased without the need of getting a prescription.

Because of how important dosing children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen products we have a separate page just for this topic.  Please visit our page that discusses children’s dosing of these two medications in detail:

A. Useful Dosing Guidelines for Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen

B. Supplement Highlights

These topics have been moved to the Complementary Alternative Medicines page, as this represents some of the more innovative regimens as well as a focus that is more “wellness” orientated rather than a focus on acute treatment of injury and/or disease.


We have also moved the Veterinary topics to their respective place on our main Veterinary page located here.

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