Complementary Alternative Medicine Links

The following links are those that our staff have found to be useful as sources of information for Complementary Alternative Medicine.  This covers topics such as natural source remedies, supplements, nutritionals, herbal medicines, homeopathy, energetics, functional medicine, phytotherapy, and much much more.   Our list is not as extensive as we would like it to be but we are more concerned with the accuracy of the information contained on the sites, the reliability and the ability to act as a reference.   To determine what information is in that class does take time to find, to review and to test.    If you know of a site that you feel should be added let us know.  We will review the site and do our best to make this listing grow.

In the meantime, here is our list of sites.  Bookmark the websites for reference and quick access.   We encourage you to collect your own list of useful sites in an effort to create your own reference list made up of the various websites you have visited and even better, those that you have used as a reliable information site.   Over time you will find that you have created a reference bundle that becomes your trusted reference on topics from those about complementary alternative medicine to traditional medical therapeutics and more.

AOR Supplements 
American Botanical Council
BMC Complementary Medicine
College of Phytotherapy
Evidence Based Complementary Medicine (eCAM)
Healthy Net
Herb Research Foundation
National Institutes of Health (Medline Plus)
Plants of the Machiquena
The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
Welcome to Phyto-Technologies, Inc.
SISU Homepage
Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. Official Website


Thank you to all who have given us feedback on links of value that should be added as well as those links that no longer function.

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