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The Mortar & Pestle is our monthly Newsletter published monthly and available in the pharmacy in print form, on our website in the Newsletter Archives and via free e-mail subscription.   We have been writing and publishing the Newsletter since 2009 but established a formal monthly schedule in 2010.

Our monthly newsletter has been written and published for going to five years.  The newsletter began as a single issue with no plans for any additional topics or newsletter issues.   Just as many good things in life come about after a single idea, an impulse a random thought our newsletter came to be as a result of someone’s innovative thinking striking a cord with a reader and the rest, is history.   Thanks to the research and writing efforts of our pharmacy student who eventually became a staff clinical pharmacist, Jaclyn Katelnikoff (nee Endicott), we have a large library of articles on every topic from diabetes to smoking cessation; hypertension treatment to Vitamin B12 supplementation and the list continues to grow.

With this month’s issue this represents 52 issues, approximately 208 articles and well over 100,000 words all written about topics on health, drug therapy, the profession of pharmacy as well as the industry, third party insurance changes, as well as topics on everything from homeopathy to smoking cessation.   This represents a lengthy list of topics as well as an impressive effort on the part our professional staff who research the topics, check facts, write the articles, review, edit, review again and then post the newsletter as well as create the format that is seen by those faithful readers who receive the newsletter in their e-mail inbox.

This of course, is not the only activity that our pharmacists and technicians are involved in as they are delivering the services, the expertise, and the problem solving to patients and prescribers daily.   This however,  is where we find the rich source of topics for the articles, as well as those topics that are in the media’s focus from week to week.   All of this in an effort to provide content that is timely,  has relevance, is reliable and can be trusted.   Readers, it is important to know that all the articles are done in-house by staff pharmacists and not canned articles purchased from a “content services” company.   This is a very important characteristic of the newsletter and speaks to the quality of the articles and the information contained in those articles.  Furthermore, the ideas for the topics often come from YOU the reader, many of whom are also our patients.

Think of this as our way to continue the conversation that we began in the pharmacy, to which we promised to do additional research; to continue our own investigation and to better answer a question, to solve a health related problem and/or to deliver on our promise to provide you with the best health outcome.

These articles also serve as valuable information abstracts on a wide variety of health topics.   To make better use of the articles, to breath new life into the health information contained in those months of articles we will be re-introducing these articles as additional reference materials in support of the website resources we have collected.   We’ve opened our archives with the recent announcements about changes Alberta Health sponsored plans administered by Alberta Blue Cross.

You can always follow the new materials on the right hand “bread crumb” navigation menu and we remind you that all newsletters are available in our archives located HERE.

Thank you for visiting and taking an interest in your health and the information we have collected for your review.   Make sure to visit regularly and often.


Igor Shaskin B.Sc.(Pharm), RPh, BMgt.
Clinical Pharmacist/Website Content Manager
Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare
Lethbridge, Alberta

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