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Your world and the world of health is moving, changing, evolving daily.    And your day has become busier, more hectic, full of more things that have to be done with less time to do it all.   You want to be connected but not so that you’ve just added one more thing you have to do.   Why not connect to those around you who you know you can trust and who you know are working to help you get healthy, to help with health problems whether it be the acute flare up of symptoms or the longer term management of chronic health problems.   You need information about services and products that can make a difference in your life today!

That has to include guaranteed value, not just some days but every day.

We’ll make sure you know about products and services that can benefit your health, that can help you manage your chronic health problems better, and at the same time save you time and make your hard earned dollar go further.   Just like you, we work very hard to make sure you receive the very best pharmacy care, the best value when you buy a product or a service from your pharmacy, Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare.   To that end you will be connected to our pharmacy so you never miss out on the fast changing health information, drug recalls, new products, new technologies to help you protect your health as well as to get you back to good health, quickly and cost effectively.   You’ll receive product promotions, promotional campaigns,  coupons for savings on products and services or for trials of new products, new services, notifications about those topics you want to know – no, you need to know – as well as everyday value to make sure we get all the benefits of being a member of the Stafford Pharmacy family.

The world is moving quickly and that means you need to be connected to those who can benefit you most.  We both work hard but isn’t it about time you received the benefits of our daily efforts delivered right to your phone – your connection to your world.    No cost to you!  All the benefits!  You have nothing to lose!

What’s next?   Watch for information that will tell you how to become connected.


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